FIBAC 2018: Presentations

1. Cybersecurity - Are we really prepared

2. Digitally Enabled Sales to Turbo Charge Cross Selling

3. Increasing liquidity in supply chain - GeM and TReDS

4. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - Interpreting the nuances and discussing the future

5. Living Up to the Promise of the Coming Decade

6. The New Corporate Bank

8. Transformation - How Can Banks Convert Challenge Into Opportunity


FIBAC 2017: Post Conference Report
1. Finance In Digital Era: Navigating The Knowns And Unknowns

Knowledge Reports

1. Productivity In Indian Banking: 2017: Hidden Treasure
2. Productivity in Indian Banking: 2016: Digital and Beyond: New Horizons in Indian Banking

3. Productivity in Indian Banking: 2015: Inclusive Growth with Disruptive Innovations