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2016 Exclusive Survey

Since 2011, FIBAC platform has unveiled five in-depth research reports on “Productivity Excellence” as the primary theme. Based on extensive primary research and analysis of data collected from almost all the major scheduled commercial banks in India complemented with primary surveys on customers, the reports help banks in India to identify approaches that they can adopt to sustain growth and profitability while pursuing the key objective of financial inclusion. These reports have been extensively covered by the media and widely acknowledged by the government, regulator, and the banks.

As part of the research for FIBAC 2016, massive corporate customer survey and bankers’ survey have been initiated.

  • Corporate Customer Survey will focus on how well the corporate banking needs are being met and what are the gaps in banking services being offered to corporates.
  • Banking Survey will try to understand the attitude of customers towards digital banking and its potential for inclusion

Both surveys will be consolidated into a single one-of-its-kind report highlighting findings, best practices and areas for development.

Session Presentations (2016)  

  • FIBAC 2016

  • Robotic Process Automation And Artificial Intelligence

  • New Performance Paradigms

Session Presentations (2015)  

  • Inclusive Growth with Disruptive Innovations Gearing up for Digital Disruption-1

  • Voice of the Customer What will be the Winning Digital Propositions

  • FIBAC: Voice of the Customer The New Customer and Possibilities in Small Finance

  • Inclusive Growth with Disruptive Innovations Gearing up for Digital Disruption-2

  • Digital Banking Revolution in China Learning from banks and non banks

  • Power of Information and Analytics: Disruptive Possibilities in Consumer and SME

  • Online Sales of Financial Products: Are your Digital Channels Ready for the Task?

  • Revolution in Payments What to expect in next 3 years in payments offerings & implications for banks and payments banks

  • Retaining new talent and changing the old habits

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