In this booming FinTech era, Perfios is a name which is hard to miss. We are a technology product company, enabling cloud-based innovation through its data aggregation & analytics platform, powering Indian and Global Financial services companies to get “DIGITAL READY”. Perfios is the preferred technology data platform that processes various structured and unstructured data.

Having won the Business Today Award for Best FinTech Value-Added-Services and the Technoviti Awards for not just one, but two of the solutions, i.e. Perfios Insights and Perfios - Personal Finance Manager in 2018, we continue to innovate and are in the process of rolling out newer solutions that will help all our customers and prospects leverage the ongoing digital revolution.

Perfios Insights, a B2B solution for Banks, NBFCs and Corporates automates the entire process of financial analysis, checks, verification and extraction of KYC details. Perfios Insights cuts down the turn-around time for processing an application (loans, insurance etc.) leading to improved processes, reduced frauds, lowered costs, higher accuracy, superior user experience thus resulting in increased customer acquisition. It helps Financial Institutions get in-depth analysis of data in real-time and thus aids them in well informed decision making.

The B2B solution provided by Perfios includes Bank Statement Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, GST and other Income Tax data analysis (including reconciliation of GST data with other financial data), E-Verification, Mobile Data Analysis and other different types of structured and unstructured data analysis.

The B2C Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution provided by Perfios based on its innovative data aggregation engine offers a 360-degree view of one’s personal finance in an automated way and lets the end users track, monitor and manage their finance with minimal manual intervention.

Perfios offers a data aggregation SDK (software development kit) that can be leveraged by any business to build any Personal Finance related application like Money Manager, Expense Manager, Goals Tracker, Robo Advisor, Budget Analysis etc.

Perfios already works with Large Banks, Progressive NBFC’s, Advisory Companies, Alternative Lenders, AMCs, Insurance Companies and other Fintech Companies.

Perfios has been a regular participant in all Banking and Fintech conferences and has been recognised in multiple forums.