Day 1: November 2, 2022

  • Riding India’s Digital Super-cycle
    Mr Saurabh Tripathi, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG (view)

  • Climate and Sustainability: Role of banks in financing transition of Indian industry and meeting India's national commitments
    Mr Yashraj Erande, Managing Director & Partner, BCG (view)

  • Payments and Cards: What to expect in a post UPI Indian payments market
    Mr Vivek Mandhata, Partner, BCG (view)

  • FinTechs: Learnings from past moves and improving collaborations with banks
    Ms. Neetu Chitkara, Managing Director & Partner, BCG (view)

  • Cloud Native Architecture: The challenges and hacks in pursuit of the holy grail
    Mr. Vipin V, Partner, BCG (view)

  • Infrastructure finance 2.0: How banks and capital markets will adjust to the new paradigm
    Mr Ashish Garg, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG

Day 2: November 3, 2022

  • Next Gen Talent: How Indian banking can secure its future by attracting and retaining new quality talent pools amidst increasing war of talent
    Mr. Varun Kejriwal, Managing Director & Partner, BCG (view)

  • Digital lending: Can AI solve India's credit deficit within confines of acceptable risk levels
    Mr Hardik Shah, Partner, BCG (view)

  • Cyber fusion: Preparing for digital attacks, frauds, and upcoming demands of personal data protection
    Mr Saurabh Chandra, Platinion Managing Director, BCG Platinion (view)

  • Design: How superior user experience can ensure faster ROI on digital excellence
    Mr. Nipun Kalra, Managing Director & Partner, BCG (view)

  • Re-imagined tech enabled rural financial system: Can partnerships offset the trade-off between richness and reach of services
    Mr. Hemant Jhajhria, Managing Director & Partner, BCG (view)

  • MSME Finance: How the banking industry can enable small enterprises to create a big impact on the economy
    Mr. Ruchin Goyal, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG (view)