Inaugural Session FIBAC 2021


Inaugural Session

CEO Panel - ‘Resilience & Rebound - Preparing for the journey towards a  $5 Tn economy’

Winning in data abundance: Transitioning to data-based decisioning – How to master the tech and people challenges?

Banking as a Service – Will partnerships and collaborations unlock the new frontier of reach & inclusion?

Day 2

Unlocking the next frontier – Tier 2 towns & beyond: will growing digital help overcome the traditional challenges of too much distances and too little data

Corporate banking 2.0: What will be a new form and shape of corporate banking in India?

SME Finance: Can co-lending unlock SME finance? How can co-lending be a mainstream channel for credit?

ESG in Banking: Thinking through the sustainability lens

UPI, Sahamati and OCEN: How to come out a winner amidst these unprecedent disruptions? How will banks meet the tech demands?

Vote of Thanks by Mr. A K Goel, Chairman, IBA

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